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Tew's Day

Happy birthday to ashlupa!

Hello to new reader skygoodwill!

The usual, plus impending migraine chased away by Excedrin. Impeccable timing on the latter, since I had to stay home today anyway - schools are closed in memory of Coretta Scott King. Which is nice and all, but they close the schools in Georgia at the drop of a hat - remember those two days last fall where the farming lobby demanded, and received, school closure because they thought the state might run low on diesel fuel?

My sleep schedule is pretty b0rked lately. Pretty much spending more time asleep than awake in the afternoon/early evening, which results in me not getting enough sleep at night, which exacerbates the exhaustion. Got a few extra hours of rest this morning, though, which ought to help.

The Ocean
Hm! I had not intended last night's post to inspire a collection of poetry and song lyrics. Unexpected. (Like a roof pig.) Nice, though.

Got one, thanks to the person who wants me to use it on them! *'songboogie* That company was recommended by skintalker; I like that they offer different-sized handles. I have requested a smaller handle, for I am wee. Got a light-ish type, because the subject (muahaha) is a newbie.

I'm split so many ways; I need to write Walking on Water stuff for nonficwrimo, and stuff for the primer - but I also have Victor, Telenias, and Joseph/Sara stuff in my head. I think the primer needs to be my first priority, simply because I've put myself on deadline.

Sekrit Message #1
Dear people who keep loading and reloading my journal-page,

If you friend me, you can see my posts on your friendspage as they happen, thus saving you the extra clicks it takes to go to my userinfo and journal pages several times a day. If you don't want to friend me, I question your commitment to Sparkle Motion am wondering if you are looking for something specific. If that something is what certain drama-kings have hysterically claimed is coming, well, um, I assure you that it's not, and you can return to your regular journal-viewing habits; most of the reason the breakup occurred was because he insisted on seeing and treating me as someone I wasn't (Heidi II, essentially; he's only in his comfort zone when he's being treated poorly, so he craves it, and wasn't able to conceptualize and deal with a mentally healthy partner/relationship), and that hasn't changed.

If you want to get to know me for me, I'm totally cool with that - but the constant reloading by a little network of people has left me with a mental soundtrack alternating between "Can I help you?" and "Keep staring - I might do a trick!"

Love and other indoor sports,


Sekrit Message #2
Adam? Please remember to pick up two small padded envelopes. *blows you a kiss*

10 Songs That Define Me
*looks at essential-me playlist on iTunes*
*sees 82 songs*
Oh, this is gonna take a while...
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