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Hello to new readers hmaccorkle and sarapada!

Exhaustion + nausea, with the former far worse than usual.
Mammogram today.

As I read through impressions of New Year's weekend by Spooky and the Scholar, I'm reminded of how I knew that weekend just exactly what I was supposed to be doing.

I then got yanked off that track by Stupid Boy Tricks.

I need to get back on it.

Due to scheduling snafus, I didn't make it out to the Atlanta Flea, so I didn't get a flogger. Which is actually okay, because it means I get to save the money I would have spent on that towards a laptop. Which I actually need, rather than just want.

And I had a lovely time with Kires, which will be partly detailed in the SexFilter. :)

But about floggers...
The person I'd intended to use one on soonest has offered to maybe get one this week. Anyone have any recommendations for online-type places?

Far Behind
Way behind on e-mail; first-time e-mailers, please do not get a complex!Between being busy this weekend and being exhausted and a bit low on processing space, not much is getting done.

Which reminds me that I *really* need to get a move on on the primer.
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