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Thor's Day

I woke up this morning thinking it was Saturday. Don't you hate that?

The usual; nausea a bit worse than usual today. Exhaustion, too, frankly. Bad tremors again. My hands *did* calm down yesterday afternoon, but they're jumping around again. Frustrating, since I'm low-dosing right now; shows that I'm probably just not going to be okay on this medicine at all. EDIT: Oh, wow. Body is really unhappy. Muscle and joint pain, and practically falling asleep.

Writing To-Do
* Piece for nonficwrimo.
* Work more on the primer tonight. (lunch out + accompanying museumfreak to her appointment = zero writing time and zero naptime today.)
* Type up the pieces I wrote in doctors' offices on Tuesday - both Telenias-centric, one conversation with Julia (she remembers, and that's fairly unprecedented), one with Capri (who just found out about his kink, and wonders if that's why he said no to her, and really wants to reassure him that that's noooo reason to say no (that's not the reason, not entirely; most of it is that she's too young for him to view in a sexual way (yes, she's legal, but only barely, and he's her father's age))).
* The ten songs I'd use to explain myself to you.

I'm a bit too out of it to type more right now.
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