Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
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As predicted: Grr. Argh.

Current weight: 85 pounds.

I need one of those webcounters, but mine needs to say, instead of "days til my birthday", "pounds til I'm on IV nutrients". That would now be 5.

In happier news... you know how, with everything that's wrong with my body, I say things like "at least my left pinky is okay"? Well, so's my cervix. My left pinky and my cervix are rockin'. Just so you know. Also my breasts. In a strictly medical sense. Though the Craftsman complimented them fairly recently, as well.

85 pounds. Two-pound loss this month.

GI consult at 1 PM will hopefully shed a little light, or at least hopefully begin the light-shedding process.

In other news - copper IUDs? Anyone heard anything about them? Recommendations? Dissuasions?
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