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The primer

Not working on it at the moment, because I'm heavily wordfucked. But this is a rough sketch of what it'll have in it so far. Things in bold are "nonfiction", things in italics are fiction, things in parentheses are things that I'm not committed to yet.

I'm putting this up so y'all who wanted this thing can tell me if I'm missing anything "nonfiction"wise that you want in there.

First Light, First Fire - done
The Houses - done
Fallen - done
(not sure yet)
(something about the first rebirths?)
Glossary/linguistics - done
(the building of the city, the advent of humans)
Katharine's letter - done
(no clue, man)
Recent History
Stephen and Katrina - done
The Council and their breeding program - done
Alanna's arrival - done
(no clue)
The disbanding of the Talthar Kithrayna - done
Political rebellion
The formation of the Kirayth - done
(The Purges?)

And that's where I stopped, because I wrote that out in CVS while waiting for a prescription and they called my name just then. After that, I'll do an Alanna fictionbit, then about the official dissolution of the Talthar Kithrayna and the formation of the Kirayth. I'll cover the Purges, but in "nonfiction" form - basically, I want the Purges to emotionally eviscerate you, and I want to allow myself more than a few weeks to do that, since I'm taking all of this on at once. I can also include a cast of characters in the back.

Opinions? What do I not have on my list that you want to know about? This is, as you can see, not yet set in stone.
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