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And there you have it.

Hope you enjoyed the trip down the Rabbit Hole - or at least that you didn't hate it. As it's a Rabbit Hole Day thing, I haven't edited at all, just written like I'd write normal entries, straight coredump. Yes, I know that I changed tenses wildly; I suck. I'll fix it. But I didn't want to emerge from the Rabbit Hole to do so til I found the end.

This is part of a larger work called placesyouhaunt. PYH is the story of what happens seven years after Crystal walks out into the desert - when the tithe comes due again. When Griffin and Axis return to try to protect Kaylin... and a newcomer to Vegas, to the situation, needs to piece together what happened seven years ago so she can end this for good. This, what came out of me today, is what really happened - under the layers of glamour that accrue on any legend. Everyone is beautiful in retrospect. All are martyrs, are heroes, in retrospect. But they weren't. As you see. Actually, some of this stuff, I didn't know. I walked into this having no idea what the pact between Kellen and the faeries actually entailed - which is what grounded me on placesyouhaunt. This shook it loose! I'm... going through a bit of a traumatic thing today, physically + emotionally, and writing my way through it. Posting it as part of Rabbit Hole Day helped - I couldn't stop, even when I wanted to turn away, because y'all would slap me for being a tease.

I have always had an attachment to the Scottish ballad "Tam Lin". Me being me, I thought to myself: "What if Janet failed?" What indeed? What happens to her? What happens to the baby - particularly having gone through such a magicstorm in the womb? And how does it look to the rest of the world?

And that story is Places You Haunt.

I lived in Las Vegas eleven years ago. I met a boy there who looked a lot like Kellen. He persuaded me to try crystal meth, which pretty much took up my whole life until I got pregnant.

I left Las Vegas to have my baby. I let him go, and bad things happened to him, and I have always felt that I should have found a way to save him that did not compromise saving Elayna.

All else in there is fiction.
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