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My blood runs cold. I didn’t know that could actually happen in real life, blood running cold, but mine does, and suddenly I feel as hollow as he looks. “What do you mean, you had to?”

Griffin stands up. He’s not tall, not compared to Kellen, but he’s towering over him now. “Kellen, no.”

“I had to,” Kellen repeats.

“She’s not part of this. This was your deal. Your contract. She is not part of this.”

“She is now.”

Griffin growls, fists clenched, shaking with the effort it takes to avoid punching Kellen out. I know the feeling. “What do you mean, you had to?” I repeat.

Finally he looks at me. He looks… so tired. “I need your help. Yours and our – our baby’s.”

My hand automatically goes to my still-flat belly. “What are you talking about?” I hate how small my voice is coming out.

“I’m not supposed to be here right now.”

“Where are you supposed to be?”

“Preparing for a ritual.”

I snorted. “Some new-age thing for Halloween?”

He laughed quietly. “No. No. Very… olden-age.”

“Get to why you had to get me pregnant, Kellen.”

“Because he’s slated to be a sacrifice to the spirits of this city tonight,” Griffin spoke up, voice taut. “And he needs you to save his ass. So he’s dragging you into his deal, his business, against your will.”

I sit down hard. “You need to start at the beginning. What the hell is going on?”
Tags: places you haunt, rabbit hole day
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