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About Victor

wolflady26 mentioned that she doesn't have a grasp on Victor, that she keeps confusing him with Jeramie. So I told her this, and I'm putting it here to memory and reformat for the wiki.

Duly noted! I have only started delving into him recently.

Victor !=evil; he's Kirayth. Tried to join up when he was all of twelve. Was turned down because, dude - twelve. The minimum age is sixteen, which is the age of majority for Dasaroi, but Victor ended up officially joining a year early, because of the Purges - he rode out with the Kirayth that night, permission from Fenris or no. Did quite a bit of damage. Showboated a bit, too, which continues to annoy Halloran. The next week, he was officially inducted.

He's an only child who... it's not that he doesn't get along with his parents, they just don't really grok each other. His family has = the Kirayth for a long time. He was everyone's little brother, sort of, before he came of age. Some still view him like that. And he acts like it... light-spirited, goofy at times. Except when dealing with Kirayth business. Then he's deadly serious.

He's a bit slutty, but not in an irresponsible way, and he has a particular interest in Capri (he was her second lover) and Kieran, his Kithrayn. They're not In Love, but they're dear friends and frequent playmates.

He's almost medieval about honor. Particularly as regards the Houses and the Talthar Kithrayna. More so than anyone else here save the Telenias. I need to explore that. This may be due in part to the fact that most of my primary characters are Talthar Kithrayna and take the system for granted; they don't have to work, they have people at their command, et cetera. Capri's not a Kithraya, but she's the lover of three, eventually - she has the advantages. Fenris is practically the head of his own House by now, if unofficially. Victor's the guy on the ground, the one who works in the garage, the one who has codes to operate by when dealing with Kithrayna. He's especially rigid in this due to an event that happened a few centuries ago with a predecessor of Jeramie...

Physically? Hair so deep brown to be almost black, very thick, very wavy (Capri's hands get caught in it), down to his shoulders. Deep brown eyes with tiny flecks of gold. A ready smile. :) Hands large, deft, and callused, as you'd expect from the work he does. Not over-muscled, but strong - closer to Halloran than Kieran, bodywise, though not as tall (Halloran's 6'4" - I'm not sure how tall Victor is. I can see him in my head, but I can't gauge height). Rarely seen without his leather jacket - an official Kirayth uniform, symbols painted on the sleeves. He wanted that jacket all his life. He's earned it. He's wearing it. Jeans. Black Frye boots, usually.

That help?
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