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Thor's Day

Happy birthday to ardaniel!

Exhaustion + nausea. The usual.

I'm wondering if poor Victor has any fans. No comments on his bit yet (yes, I am comment-whoring; I wrote it at 1 AM and want to know if it's coherent), and he gets fewer comments on average.

I don't know why my kick-start has me on the tertiary characters. I know Telenias has fangirls, though. :)

That battle is going to need to be a graphic novel, else it'll be a big huge prose novel... simply because every character has a story in it. Much easier to do in comics form. Much briefer. In comics form, you'll see Capri's token tied into Victor's hair and, knowing the significance of House colors by then (as this is the end of Act Two), will know it for what it is without me 'splaining.

If X'Ana gets situated and drawing and stuff, this is how you'll see Shayara - three large graphic novels and two smaller ones. Act One of the main story - a separate volume for the Purges - Act Two - the battle - Act Three - wrap-up, one-shots, bonus features.
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