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Shadesong Explains It All

Many of these are sex questions. I'll cut-tag those so farren's eyes don't bleed.

I want things to change, but I fear change. Am I nuts?
Honey, if we ever do define "normal", I'm pretty sure that'll be part of the base definition.

Does your popularity astonish you at times?
Astonish and disturb. Yes. I wasn't popular in school, and I have no idea where the net-popularity thing came from, so I'm... not prepared for it. It's very weird. (Also? You are really, really hot, and it is a damn shame you live nowhere near Atlanta or Boston.)

what comic book do you find reading more these days?
We read tons of comics! Fables is a particular favorite. I'm still addicted to the concept of Exiles, even though it's... it has not jumped the shark, but it's sort of ambling around saying "Dude, check it out. Shark. Think we should? Huh. I dunno." More on this later...

If someone harms your love, and your love forgives them and trusts them and returns to their arms, do you have to forgive them and trust them too?
You may be asking the wrong person. I think you're supposed to forgive and trust them. But I don't tend to. It's not up to me whether or not someone gets forgiven, but if you harm someone I love, I am not going to trust you. Then again, I'm the girl with the metaphorical flaming sword in my hand...

Are you [Spooky's name for me] and is she Spooky? 'Cause that's a happy thing.
Yes. Yesyesyes. And it is. :) *bounce*

was it good?
The happy fun with the new person referenced in prior post? Oh, yes. I want to ride that ride again! *grin* He agrees.

You're in quite the flirty mood today, aren't you?
I am flirty enough to be outright dangerous, I am.

So now that you aren't with docorion and are still moving to Boston, does that mean you'll be getting a job when you move there?
No. We actually hadn't been planning on moving in with him for some time now, so this isn't a plan-alteration.

Ok - have you ever been so turned on that you came while at work?
Heh. Um - hell no.

Have you ever had an orgasm from a spanking alone?
Ummm... yes. /little voice (And he's probably going to e-mail me right after seeing this, too. *laugh*)

What do you look for in girlies?
Same thing I look for in men - brains, wit, heart. Body-wise... part of my problem with my weight loss is that I am now of a body type I find very unattractive, that being the Eat A Fucking Sandwich body type. I like girls with curves!

A secret? You have to bend over first... ;)
That's not a question, but I'm addressing it anyway. Honey? For you? Anytime. Come on down.

Do you need to use more lube if your lover hasn't done enough foreplay? That is my take on this question.
Are you asking me, or are you redefining the poll? If you're asking me - I've only ever had to use lube for vaginal sex with CubitMan. And our bodies were just insanely out of proportion to each other. I've never ever had to use it for vaginal sex otherwise. ("Vaginal sex" sounds so clinical. But it's an important distinction. Not needing lube for vaginal sex is almost a point of pride for me, but nothing is *ever* going up my butt without a generous amount of lube, if at all.)

what's the longest you've ever gone without any sex? No, seriously, none at all...
Um. I doooon't know. Not more than a few months.

Is there a secret to your ability to maintain (at least some of) your sex drive through everything you've been through? With all the health stuff and emotional stress, I'm amazed.
I've always had a very high sex drive in general. The maintaining of it through the stress... I absolutely require touch-comfort when I'm stressed out. Which can be anything from being held and having my hair petted to, well, sex. And with the sex, sometimes I need gentleness, sometimes I need... well. Rather a bit of strictness, harshness. But touch comfort is always a Good Thing, and sex = orgasms = me feeling good. With the health stuff... now that my body's a bit tapped out, I fall asleep right afterward sometimes, which I never used to do. There are days when my body's too exhausted for sex - thank goodness there aren't many of them!

When was the last time you had a wet dream?
Is this defined as sheets being wet when I awake? If so, never...

Which is more fun for you- to go down on or be gone down on?
One of the crappiest ways my meds have affected my life: they've made it more difficult for me to orgasm. The first time, at least. I still go on the same track of frequent multiple orgasms after I go off the first time. (Exception being Keppra, on which I could not come AT ALL, ever. Total nightmare.) This has impacted the oral sex thing. I've always been way more into penetration than clitoral stimulation, and now that it's a bit more difficult... it still feels really good, but I'm going to get frustrated if you won't resurface and give me some cock already. Or at least fingers. Fellatio, on the other hand, I absolutely get cravings for. Sub thing? Maybe. But ohhhh yes.
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