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Odin's Day

Exhaustion + meganausea. Nothing else yet. This is day two of a little self-imposed temporary med reduction that I'll be talking to my doctor about soon.

I would love to come in and not find my desk ransacked and everything out of place, I truly would. This doesn't just happen when I'm out for a day - it happens at least twice a week, since I'm not here afternoons. And then I have to go digging around to find the things that I had placed on top of the stack, the things that I need to jump on. Which takes time away from, y'know, getting them done. I'd be a lot more efficient if people wouldn't mess with my desk and hide my stuff. Just sayin'.

Writing and Art
No actual writing done yesterday, but a lot of organization done on the primer, which really does need a better name than "the primer".

About Rabbit Hole Day: All of you who sent me art rock. Your art rocks. And I look at it and go "Oooh! I could..." But that would be a Project. And I need Rabbit Hole Day to be a tiny throwaway, because I have the primer to work on... and I'm planning to finish Walking on Water as part of nonficwrimo. I need to not have any more Projects right now.

But dude, I wanna. So. Maaaaybe someday a project wherein you submit a picture and I write flash fiction based on it, or vice versa? I have enough artists on my list that this could end up being fairly big and cool. We could do it web-based or in print - I'd have to check with my graphics chica about costs of full-color printing. I wouldn't be doing that til March at the earliest, though. (March 2 is the scheduled publication date of the primer, so it needs to be done by mid-February, and February is nonficwrimo.)
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