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My Dating Status Button says:
Polyamorous, Bisexual, Involved/Not Available

Polyamorous Interested in multiple serious relationships.
Bisexual Interested in both male and female.
Invovled/Not Available Currently in a relationship, not available to date.
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I am married to yendi. I am maybedating my Spooky. I am having sex with kires and the Craftsman. I have several potentials.

If I haven't already had sex with/played with you or had conversations with you that established clear mutual interest? Not currently available. There are indefinables, yes, but I think that pretty well covers it - if we have not both told each other that we'd like to have sex with/play with each other at some point, I do not consider you a potential or probable at this time. (Possibly because I have no clue you're interested, but hey.)

Not currently available for any Partnerships save my marriage. Nor do I expect to be for quite some time.

Um, I think that's it.
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