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Odin's Day

Happy belated birthday to my beloved sisterfriend morenasangre, and to amokk, themaskmaker, manifestress, and waterotter, who all advanced a year while I was at Arisia!

Hello to new readers agirlnamedluna, cos, dustriderma, emilytheslayer, goldlyon, ivymcallister, mbarr, fubar, quiet_elegance, sweetmmeblue, thespian, and skintalker! *wave*

Not too much today. Extra exhaustion can be attributed partly to well, dude, Con - and partly due to me pulling a stressy all-nighter. *sigh* Yup. I know most people get over that in college...

So. I am Jack's total exhaustion. Plus the nausea, and a little bit of vision fuckery and word fumbliness. Hi!

Why I Love jenphalian
She looks adorable in boy-drag, and she tells Aristocrats con jokes.

Organizing my thoughts. What do you want to know, dear reader?

If You Met Me... sure to let me know who you were. :)

Additional Surreality
I found myself sitting next to a cute naked man... who proceeded to whip out his PDA and start tootling away on it. I was quiet and noninvasive for a moment, but my curiosity took over, as it is wont to do.

Me: "Whatcha doin'?"
Him, very absorbed in his activity: "Adding you as a friend."

Only at Arisia.

Hm. I go for now, as I have WorkStuff!
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