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So. Yes. Not much with the sleep right now.

My brain is too wired for sleep, but not coherent enough for a real Con report. I will say that, other than small things that were quickly resolved (normal for a high-energy atmosphere like a Con), the only downside of Arisia was that I hardly got to see some people! I got to hang out with some people several times (envoy, jasra, mrf_arch), but there were people I only saw once or twice, and people I somehow managed to completely fail to connect with. :(

Like I keep saying - only way to spend enough time with my up-North friends (not just the Boston ones, the NY, NH, and RI ones) is to live in Boston.

I did my level best to see everyone, from dinner on Wednesday with mgrasso and envoy straight through to dinner last night with wispfox and jasra/coffee with felisdemens, mgrasso, emilytheslayer, ragingamazon, skintalker, and primal_pastry. (Today was just hanging out with docorion, Adam, and the kid.) Every minute was crammed full of people. That's the thing about being in the Con hotel - all you have to do is go down to the mezzanine to see a dozen of your closest friends...

And I think that may be part of why I can't sleep. Body is still on Con time. Body is still expecting more hypercramming of events.

I was emotional on the plane, the kind of emotional that finds something So True in every song on your iPod. Because I was leaving my people. Not just the people I knew, but the people I was meeting. I was leaving my group of fen, my environment where I could just walk out and find someone to snuggle - actually, the trend at Arisia seemed to be not snuggling, but carrying me down the halls. Thank you, mangosteen and fubar. :) But yes - leaving nearly a full week of that, and returning to my Atlanta isolation. Returning to waiting.

Great stuff happened at this Arisia, and it'll be recapped. One of my favorite moments, for a teaser: I beat a girl! For the first time! And she is still glowy about it two days later! And I have a funny story about how she asked and a funny story about something that happened during the beating, so I have hit the trifecta. This pleases me.

To the original point... I miss all of you. Those I already knew, and those I just met. Those I spent time with, and those I didn't get to.

I'm in Atlanta, but I'm not home.
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