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I am finding the need to have to post something I shouldn't have to, due to highly inappropriate actions on the part of someone, actions that both parties who are actually involved disapprove of:

Don't believe everything you read.

Not going into full detail, because it's nobody's business, but - yes. Lies and wishful thinking abound, and I'm extremely disappointed to see it. A combination of inaccurate and breathtakingly inappropriate that I didn't particularly need to see upon my return home. Or, well, ever.

If you've seen what I'm referencing, you'll know it. If you haven't, don't worry about it.

So! Other than coming home to fullblown dramamongering, I had a lovely con that I will discuss later.

EDIT: The person who did this knows who they are. Rest assured that if I have not e-mailed you tonight to specifically address a problem, this post is not about you. Trust me, when I'm upset at you, I will tell you; I am not Captain Cryptic. So there is no need to e-mail me asking if we're okay. We are. *blows a kiss*
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