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Dear Arisia,

I never thought it could happen to me...

Oh, just you wait, I will be finishing that letter. Oh, yes. :)

Arisia. Day Six. I am surviving on baling wire, chewing gum, adrenaline, and caffeine. Please pet the Shadesong.

The Con report will be long in coming, I'm sure, because the Con was long. Is long. Tomorrow is Day Seven.


But, see, that was a happy twitch.

Hi! If you have added me after seeing me at Arisia, please comment to let me know where you met me or what panel of mine you attended. I am a curious kitten.

I have absolutely no capacity for rational thought right now. I am just typing because I am drunk on still having free wireless on the mezzanine. Typing is a reflex action. I'm certain that if I ever have a full-blown seizure at the keyboard, typing will be my automatism, and I will produce a novella.

Adam: "And now you type the sentence 'I need to go to bed.'"


And, well, good night. Tomorrow I return to Atlanta. Wednesday, we at LiveJournal return to our regularly scheduled Shadesong. Thank you for your support.

And - bed. Yes.
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