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preArisia, day two

* Boston Public Library. D00d. Seriously. Shayara's Library pales in comparison. (Sad, yes, but Shayara doesn't have *room* for something like that!)

* docorion and Adam took Elayna heelying in Boston Commons, and I went out to lunch with a new friend. Lunch... was delicious in more ways than one. Mm. Yes. *hides face, giggles*

* Dinner with docorion, Adam, Elayna, mizarchivist, fubar, and quiet_elegance, meeting the latter three for the first time. Much love, y0. They are so very our sort of people.

* "Welcome to heaven; here's your harp. Welcome to hell; here's your accordion. Welcome back to Boston; here's your Shadesong."

* Wandered down to the mezzanine before bed and bumped into envoy and jasra (first time meeting jasra!). :) Looked for caulay in the Art Room, but realized that I did not know what caulay looked like, and saw no badge that read "Caulay".

That's a short list, but *so* much was packed into each of those. And I am a very happy girl who is going to sleep now. :) Because tomorrow, everyone else gets here...

Tomorrow night, 10 PM! My panel! Be there! Or, well, not, but it would be cool if you were. :) (Exception: docorion, happypete, and octoberland have to be there, because they're on the panel as well. And octoberland, apparently you pick up your panelist packet right next to registration.)

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