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Tew's Day

Happy birthday to my dearest darlin' tablesaw, and to the lovely jaded_dreamer!

Full array! Exhaustion, nausea, tremors, coordination fuckery, vision fuckery, wordfuckery. Whee. Note to self: take meds as soon as you get up this weekend, so you're functional by the time you get downstairs. I have no panels before noon, so that's a bonus.

Need to remember to call the doc to ask her to call in a scrip for Prilosic, which has a generic, as the Prevacid she prescribed has a $50 co-pay. And the folic acid, as it's running out and I have no refills left on it. Also need to remember to pick up my refills of Trileptal,Zonegran, and Toprol.

iPod War!
It's anonymous, but I'm in it, and it's over here. :)

I promise I'll stop babbling about Arisia prep full-time soon. It's just sort of taken over my brain. The only other time I've been a panelist, I was just sort of thrown in, no time to think about it - and that was fewer panels, and this time I'm moderating a panel, and it's a kink panel, which means it's likely to be highly attended...

And I'm going to be very busy, but that's because I have so many friends and loved ones in Boston. This is part of why I'm moving. It's not just docorion. :) It's that the only way to spend near enough time with my favorite people is to live there. My network, my support system, is all based in Boston, New York, Rhode Island, New Hampshire... the only members of my family I like are in Massachusetts, even.

I will try to refrain from getting maudlin about how much I love you guys. But I so do. And this is part of why I'm so excited, why I'm so looking forward to this. :)
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