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Happy birthday to the fabulous dark_blade, and also to faelad and kylakae!

Hello to new readers kizlj, nekotest, and (fellow panelist) octoberland, and returning reader cafferine!

The usual.

They did some sort of test of the building's generators at oh-dark-thirty this morning. Guess what? Backup generator doesn't work. Guess what else? Our department's UPS doesn't work. So I spent the day computerless. Which has extra dimensions of suck when you consider that the new semester starts on Wednesday, I'll be gone Thursday, Friday, and Tuesday, and everything I need to do is on the computer. So. Lots of filing today, lots of physical stuff - too much for my body to well handle. I will collapse soon as I get home from picking up Miss Kid.

I wish people understood me.
Side effect of the generator experiment: Something weird happened to the A/C, which at one vent near my desk is now making an intermittent shrieking sound, like thousands of mosquitos cried out and were suddenly silenced. So. My day =

Professor: "What's that noise?"
Me: "A/C vent."

Other professor: "What's that noise?"
Me: "A/C vent."

Other professor: "What's that noise?"
Me: "That sound, your highness, is the shrieking eels. They always get louder when they're about to feast on human flesh."
Other professor: *blank look*
Me: *sigh* "A/C vent."

And that is my life today.

Posted my rough plans yesterday. Take a look. Those of you I haven't responded to yet - it's not that I do not adore you, it's that I am overwhelmed! I will get to the 300+ comment notifications in my inbox hopefully after my nap. And... stuff.

It is nice when one's partner approves most wholeheartedly of one's choice of possible playmate!

Right, then.
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