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Oh, no no no.

I edited this into the previous post, but just to make sure everyone sees it:

Please note that the Finale trip is for us, where us = me and my friendslist/readers. If you're inviting your entire friendslist, you are sitting at another table - this is my way to see/meet in person the people I already interact with and to get *away* from crowds of people I don't know. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but - boundaries. You + your SO(s) = fine. You + an additional crowd of random strangers = not okay.

Very not okay. I saw people inviting everyone and their grandmothers, and I am getting claustrophobic shudders just thinking about it. No. This is a private event. You inviting your entire friendslist can be your private event, at your own table.

Jeebus crispies. No. *shudder*
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