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Arisia Scheduling: Please read if you want to make any sort of plans with me.

A note: I am attending Arisia this year with Adam, docorion, and Elayna. What does this mean? If you want just one or two of us, make a note, otherwise I am likely to show up with the whole gang, or at least Miss Kid (while Introvert Adam rests in the room).

Miss Kid's maturity level is high - she's grown up with my friends as her friends, so she interacts fairly seamlessly with "adult" geeks. One thing - she's prudish about language. If you curse, be prepared to pay the toll. Ten cents for words you can say on TV, 25 for words you can't.

If you want me without Miss Kid, that's fine - just let me know so we can plan around that. There are times she's in several straight panels, or Adam can watch her, but I'm not bringing Adam to the con to be a babysitter!

~7 PM: Nous arrivons! Straight from airport to dinner - docorion's picking us up, but we're otherwise dinner-unclaimed. Dinner to hotel.

Breakfast open.

I have lunch plans that prrrrobably do not include Adam and Miss Kid; docorion is grabbing them and showing them around Boston.

Dinner with mizarchivist, our men, and my child.

Day may be fairly open, depending on how lunch works out.

Morning coffee with mangosteen.

Peoplewatching in hotel lobby - read: jumping up frequently and squeeing and hugging the lot of you as you get to the hotel. Look for the tiny person with the curly hair and the little blonde girl.

10 PM: BDSM & Geeks panel (with docorion and happypete!), for which I shall be clad entirely in cleavage-baring, form-fitting black leather. After the panel, please gather in the panel room in preparation for our jaunt to Finale. Trust me, you want to go to Finale.

EDIT: Please note that the Finale trip is for us, where us = me and my friendslist/readers. If you're inviting your entire friendslist, you are sitting at another table - this is my way to see/meet in person the people I already interact with and to get *away* from crowds of people I don't know. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but - boundaries. You + your SO(s) = fine. You + an additional crowd of random strangers = not okay.

My panels are as follows:
Noon: Blogging for Writers
4 PM: No Capes! Non-Superhero Comics
10 PM: Unlocked! Secrets of LiveJournal

Which puts my breakfastability pre-11 AM, lunchability at 1 PM and my dinnerability at 6 PM (EDIT: Dinner with rosefox and sinboy!), as Elayna has a 5:00 panel and there's stuff I want to do between panels 2 and 3. And I will be hitting the dance Saturday night.

Also, there's an LJ Meet & Greet at 3 in the ConSuite - if you want to grab me and say hi, that and after the LJ panel (due to it being the last panel of the day in that room) are the best times.

My sole panel is Psychoanalysis of the Superhero, at noon. So breakfast is again an option. Lunch, not as much, because Miss Kid has panels straight through til 3 - but late lunch is good, and dinner is 100% open.

Elayna and the guys and I are spending a big chunk of the day at the Boston Museum of Science. Elayna's missing three days of school for this - she *will* do something educational! Bostonians and extended visitors are welcome to join us. wispfox has us at some point on Monday, hopefully evening. Will work that out.

Most of you are probably working. :( We leave midafternoon, so have breakfast and lunch available.

Please note that I am not organizing a get-together this year, as I am too crazystressybusy to keep track of stuff. But if you are having a get-together that fits into any of these slots, I would love to go - I want to spend as much quality time with as many people as possible!

Non-mealtime seemingly-empty chunks are not listed because, in some cases, I have off-the-books plans - if you have a timeslot that I don't list, ask, because it *might* be open.

If you have breakfast-place ideas, please tell me - I was dissatisfied with the hotel restaurant last year, in that they wouldn't seat us missing even one person, and gave us evil looks when we stuffed the booth with extra late arrivals.
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