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Purchased today

At Macy's: Two black skirts, one gauzy and sequined, one just-plain-black and *short*. Cost: $41.00. Cost to me: $0.

At Gap Kids: Three sweaters, a skirt, a scarf, a hat, a pair of mittens. (Those last three match.) Cost: $84.00. Cost to me: $11.00.

At Barnes & Noble: Fruits Basket volumes 2, 3, and 4; Sorcery and Cecilia; the American Girl quiz-and-games book, vol. 3. Cost: $48.17. Cost to me: $.17.

At Target: Space heater. Cost: $21.00. Cost to me: $21.00. (Not worth cracking a gift card for.)

Total amount spent: $32.17. Good shopping day.

Now I'm going to see if my family will let me write. Seeing as that's why I bought the heater (cold basement office) - why we left the house today in the first place, dammit.
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