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Thor's Day

Happy birthday to sinboy and solitaryvixen!

Hello to new reader sneakingyoda!

Exhaustion + nausea; bit of brainfuckery.

Food Log
Two Nutri-Grain waffles. Coffee. I am a creature of habit.

It's a Kind of Magic
Queen's A Kind of Magic may be the best soundtrack ever. Adam and I decided this while rocking out to "One Vision" on the way to work. Adam, this is your reminder to send me "Princes of the Universe" and Kurgen's theme. (I only own the soundtrack on cassette, and Adam never bought it, but we have most of the other songs from Queen's Greatest Hits. Which used to be an Oysterband CD before we left it in the car for a fortnight.)

Flirtation hella fun. (This time I know I'm flirting!) Especially when the other person has confirmed interest. That gap between "Um, I am interested" and the person's response? Slightly nerve-wracking. But I can relax now.

No, I never Know. Not online. I sometimes Know in person, but online, you pretty much have to hit me upside the head and drag me back to your cave. This ties into the low self-esteem re: body thing. "What - me? You want - oh, okay, cool!" I'm perpetually surprised.

I can definitely have the Blogathon chapbook ready - I just have to proof it, edit the first Blogathon story a tiny bit, and decide on a font (the stories are in a few different fonts). That, I can have done before I pick the kid up from school. The primer will be my project this evening. I'm looking at mostly stuff about the city and history, with a few character vignettes. Yes, there will be a glossary - I'm big on glossaries when a story uses a foreign language. So you'll get that, avec pronounciation guide, and a tiny bit about basic Dasaroi linguistics. Which have more in common with Chinese than they do with Romance languages. I'm a weird kid.
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