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* Napped for two hours; feel less panicky.

* Landlady will not cover dryer repair, dammit.

* The Shayara T-shirt will be the just-Julia one, simply because it's faster for X'Ana to draw, and if we're to have any hope of getting it in time for Arisia, we gotta go with fast. People seemed interested. People who didn't want that one - the shirt with that eventual triad will appear, just not right now, and maybe Halloran will be on it as well. Speaking of Halloran, he was the most-nominated for his own shirt, with the "It's All About the Kilt" tagline, and I like that idea! Also like the idea of Napalm, with fire. This company acts as a store for a bunch of webcomics, so they're a place we can set something up with. First, this one shirt, though. I'll post the picture as soon as X'Ana's done drawing it.

Yes, the Shayara T-shirt will be available in babydoll sizes. Damn straight. I will not offer again a shirt for my comic that I can't wear. (Which was the case, by necessity, for the DragonCon exclusives in '02.)
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