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Shayara T-shirts

So. m0usegrrl suggested Shayara T-shirts. How many of you are actually interested? This would ostensibly be an Arisia exclusive, but if we can't score the minimum order from Arisia attendees, we'll have to open it up to non-attendees and just call it an Arisia debut.

Design is not yet available, but it'll be one of the following:

1. Julia (in icon), badass, fist upraised with energy crackling around it.

2. Kieran, Julia, and Capri: Kieran in the center, flanked by happy-go-lucky Capri and... we haven't decided if Julia will be scowling or reluctantly smiling. X'Ana suggested the former, I suggested the latter in return, but that was five minutes ago so I haven't heard back.

3. This picture of Alanna and Jeramie.

Shirts would cost, um, no more than $20. I know the base cost of shirts, but I have to find out what the shipping cost would be.

Please answer this poll only if you are actually interested in buying a shirt. Or two.

Which shirt would you buy?

just Julia
Julia, Kieran, and Capri
Jeramie and Alanna

EDIT: If you have another suggestion that you'd like to see on a T-shirt someday, do let us know; we're open. You're not getting it this Arisia, though, because we're down to the wire already and already can't absolutely guarantee Arisia delivery. Ack ack ack. But the company we're looking at using has a good webstore system, so we'd like to use 'em year-round.
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