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The good thing about being way too busy is that, when the writing thing makes one panicky, one always has other stuff to do.

(Which is a bad thing for the writing, but only temporarily - difficult day, which made writing difficult stuff more, well, difficult. Basically what I have here is Alanna's first actual punishment at Jeramie's hands, written from Jeramie's perspective, and the savage glee he takes in part of it is something I can't rewrite tonight. Jeramie's someone I don't like Knowing, and there are nights I just can't be in his head.)

In related news, all of the Hanukkah Hunks are posted in hanukkah_hunks - go forth and admire them! Please do. :) We got some great pictures. I really enjoyed running this, and got enough positive feedback from it that I want to do it this year as well, just - more organized.
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