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Thor's Day

Happy early birthday to eugie, cathijosephine, fortunavirilis, and oldmotherchaos!

Hello to new readers shadefell, sidhefire, and vicious_bomber!

Forgot to take my meds last night. *headdesk* So I'm super-shaky this morning on top of everything else.

Got my biopsy results, though: No H. pylorii, which means it is... not an ulcer yet? Maybe? Could be? Could be not? Fuck if I know; the person reading the info off the screen seemed to have about a third-grade education and was completely unable to answer questions. I have an appointment with my primary care doc next week. She'll tell me. That'll also be my next weigh-in. I haven't had a weigh-in since before Thanksgiving; between that and Christmas, I must have put on some weight, or at least not lost any more.

I go today to visit Spooky! I'm nervous as hell. *hugs self* *wants to be hugging Spooky*

That is all for now, I think.
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