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* Note to self: Before telling GI secretary that she needs to have someone call you back at this number ASAP, make sure there is food at the physical location of this number.


I could make cinnamon rolls or a pumpkin pie. But that's about it.

* Your third Hunk of Hanukkah is up for the gawking - go check woodwardiocom out!

* By request: "Blasphemous Rumours", as performed by a men's choir. If this rings a bell to anyone, please give to me the name of said choir, as I hate having incomplete/inaccurate listings!

* And just because: "None Of Us Are Free", by Solomon Burke. None of y'all guessed this one. 0ccam had to Google it to get it. This means that you have all been deprived, and I must help you. You're welcome.
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