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Arisia Schedules

This post is simply a rudimentary Arisia program. I'm collating schedules from those friends who are on panels. Please limit comments here to "here's my schedule"; I'm likely to delete this post as soon as we get actual official Arisia programs, and I'd hate to lose content-y comments.


6:00 PM:Humor in SF&F: Is It Really That Funny?
Panelists: bobquasit, ?

7:00 PM: All Things in Moderation: How to Run a Panel
Panelists: woodwardiocom, ?

7:00 PM: So This Is Your First Convention
Panelists: pheremone, ?

8:00 PM: Decorating Your Pod: Home Decoration for Fans
Panelists: woodwardiocom, ?

8:00 PM: Gaming: A Primer
Panelists: fireheart, ?

8:00 PM: Juggling for Kids
Panelists: pheremone, ?

9:00 PM: Anime 101
Panelists: mdg1, Bill (mod), Misty Pendragon, Michael Toole, and Ayvenar

9:00 PM: Making a Memorable Character
Panelists: bobquasit, ?

9:00 PM: Poly 101: Responsible Non-monogamy
Panelists: fireheart, ?

10:00 PM: BDSM and Geeks: Why?
Panelists: docorion, shadesong, happypete, Zana, Ed Fuqua

10:00 PM: Wallflower to Wow!: How to Reach Out at Cons
Panelists: fireheart, ?


10:00 AM: Etiquette Among the Non-Fans
Panelists: fireheart, ?

11:00 AM: Best SF You've Never Heard Of
Panelists: rosefox, ?

11:00 AM: Beyond d20: Roleplaying Systems to Watch
Panelists: fireheart, woodwardiocom, ?

11:00 AM: Book to Movie: Faithful...and Not
Panelists: kradical, Jerome C. Conner, Samrendiel, and Steve Sawicki

12:00 PM: Blogging for Writers
Panelists: nihilistic_kid, shadesong, mabfan,

12:00 PM: GMing Methods
Panelists: bobquasit, ?

12:00 PM: Photographing Your Art
Panelists: sunspiral, ?

12:00 PM: Poly 201: Varsity Poly
Panelists: rosefox, sweetmmeblue, ?

1:00 PM: A Walk Through the Merchant Town
Panelists: fireheart, ?

1:00 PM: Livejournal in Academia(?)
Panelist: museumfreak

1:00 PM: On Beyond Harry Potter/YA fiction
Panelists: lifecollage, ?

1:00 PM: The Interior of Your Stomach Should Not Look Like The Surface of Io
Panelists: docorion, ?

1:00 PM: World Building
Panelists: bobquasit, woodwardiocom, ?

2:00 PM: LiveJournal as a Social Medium
Panelists: bobquasit, rosefox, ?

2:00 PM: Pinch Masks (for Fast Track)
Panelists: lifecollage, ?

3:00 PM: Female Fandom in Comics
Panelists: dicotomygrrl, ?

3:00 PM: Is Battlestar Galactica Science Fiction?
Panelists: kradical, Jim Belfiore, Little Guy, and James Zavaglia

3:00 PM: Me Tarzan You Jane: How to Flirt With Style
Panelists: woodwardiocom, ?

3:00 PM: Origami
Panelists: rosefox, ?

3:00 PM: The Art of Shipping Your Artwork
Panelists: sunspiral, ?

4:00 PM: Do's and and Don'ts of Writing for RPG Companies
Panelists: woodwardiocom, ?

4:00 PM: No capes! Non-superhero comics
Panelists: shadesong, John Bowker, dicotomygrrl, Justin Du Coeur

5:00 PM: Blogging as Artistic Medium
Panelists: shadesong,, Cera Crowley, passionandsoul (I had to bow out of something. This was it.)

5:00 PM: DC's Identity Crisis: Good or Bad for the Fans?
Panelists: mdg1, Purple KumQuat Goddess (dee_cee) (mod), Justin du Coeur (jducoeur), and Jack of Shadows

5:00 PM: Make-Believe Worlds, Real-life Problems
Panelists: bobquasit, ?

5:00 PM: Personal Finance for Fen
Panelists: pheremone, ?

5:00 PM: What's the Difference between 2-D and 3-D Art?
Panelists: sunspiral, ?

6:00 PM: Comics from Kids to Adults: Across the Generation Gap
Panelists: dicotomygrrl, ?

6:00 PM: If You Like This, You'll Probably Like That... (Anime)
Panelists: mdg1, John C. Watson, Crash, Bill, and Jennifer

6:00 PM: Science Disaster Preparedness and Technology
Panelists: docorion, ?

9:00 PM: Sleuthing and Crime Solving in SF & Fantasy
Panelists: kradical and Lisa J. Steele

10:00 PM: Unlocked: Secrets of LiveJournal Revealed
Panelists: shadesong, Stephanie, Rebecca, fireheart, KkPixie

11:00 PM: Animation NC-17 and Beyond
Panelists: dicotomygrrl, ?


10:00 AM: Raptor Demo with Natasha Hawke
Panelists: hawkegirl, pheremone, ?

11:00 AM: Poly 302.3: Poly Parenting
Panelists: sunspiral, sweetmmeblue, ?

11:00 AM: You've Heard The One About The Gazebo, Right?
Panelists: bobquasit, ?

12:00 PM: Déjà View: Remakes
Panelists: kradical, dicotomygrrl, Garen Daly, Andre Lieven, and James Zavaglia

12:00 PM: Psychoanalysis of the Superhero
Panelists: shadesong, Alexx Kay, pygment, Nightstalker, Martha Adams

12:00 PM: State of the RPG Industry
Panelists: fireheart, woodwardiocom, ?

1:00 PM: Addicting Your Child
Panelists: bobquasit, rosefox, ?

2:00 PM: Being a Pro Without Too Much Ego
Panelists: kradical, Scott E. Green, Shariann Lewitt, and Allen Steele

2:00 PM: Science Fantastic Future Interface Devices
Panelists: docorion, ?

2:00 PM: The Annihilation of Distance
Panelists: rosefox, ?

5:00 PM: Home Depot in the Bedroom
Panelists: pheremone, sunspiral, ?
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