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Speaking of Arisia...

Just got my panel info, which means you other panelists just got yours, so: rosefox? happypete? Are you on the "BDSM and Geeks" panel with me? (EDIT: docorion is! Yay!)

Of the two LJ panels, I'm on the "Unlocked: Secrets of LiveJournal Revealed" one, which is an LJ for beginners thing; I'm on that one because I have Technical Expertise (read: I can write basic HTML and maintain communities and whatnot). There were apparently ~40 people applying to be on LJ panels, is why I'm not on both. (I responded to that with "In that case, thanks for making sure I made it onto one of them! :)")

Also "Blogging for Writers", "No capes! Non-superhero comics", "Blogging as Artistic Medium", and "Psychoanalysis of the Superhero". If I have to drop stuff, I'm most likely to drop "Blogging For Writers/as Artistic Medium", because I feel that there are other people who can do just as good a job there, whereas I feel that I have better/more unique input on the comics panels - they don't tend to have comics writers at Arisia, at least not so's I've noticed.


EDIT: Point against dropping "Blogging for Writers" - I'm on it with nihilistic_kid. !!!

BDSM and Geeks: Why? Fri 10:00 PM

Is there a high proportion of kink among geeks and geeks into kink? What is the common thread: science fiction literature (Wonder Woman, Gor), inventiveness, obsessiveness?

Geeks are a fringe element of mainstream society. What is the crossover between fandom and other fringe elements, specifically the BDSM community? From the sexual repression in George Orwell's 1984 to the Mord-Sith of Terry Goodkind's Wizard's First Rule themes of control, slavery, and oppression of the individual are common to many science fiction and fantasy novels.

What other points of common interest within one subculture act as a draw to members of the other?

('song's note: I need to have them take the Goodkind bit out before they print it. Because I won't be talking about it because I don't read Goodkind. And I think I'm the moderator. They wrote the synopsis. EDIT: Plus, isn't Goodkind a bit recent? The panel is supposed to be about how the stuff we grow up with influences us. I don't think people who grew up with Goodkind are legal yet. Wonder Woman, baby. Wonder Woman and Gor.)

Blogging for Writers Sat 12:00 PM

Welcome to the new world of publishing - blogging sells books better than publishers' advertisements. Come discuss what content keeps visitors coming back and what strategies work for writers promoting their own work.

This panel should focus on content of blogs not the delivery technology. LiveJournal, for example, has an RSS feed so that it can be shown on an outside web site. However, there are many other technological solutions to get to the same place. What content is best to reach your readers, promote your work, or just gather an audience in the first place. Potential publishers can gather how much interest is in a work based on the friend's list and number of comments. Blogging is all about selling the author as well as the work - discuss how to improve one's perception and gather a readership!

No capes! Non-superhero comics Sat 4:00 PM

The majority of comics are hero/superhero based. Is there a place at the table for non-hero drama? If not, why not? Are the number of these titles growing? Discover new non-hero titles and discuss some of your own favorites with others.

From mysteries to romance drama, almost every area of fiction seems to be represented in the comics field; so, why don't these titles get more press? However, Brian Wood's "Channel Zero" is near future science fiction and social commentary. Terry Moore's "Strangers in Paradise" explores the life and romantic entanglement of two lifelong friends. What other non-superhero comics are out there? Bring your examples of other non-hero comics to this panel and share them with our attendees.

Blogging as Artistic Medium Sat 5:00 PM

Although most blogs today take the form of personal journals, some bold entrepreneurs are taking blogging to the next level - blogging as artistic medium. Whether your creative works are comics, photography or poetry, come talk about posting your work online and how you can best use blogging to your artistic advantage.

Panelists should come prepared to talk about any of the following:

- Best ways to present your work in your blog

- How do you publicize and get your work known?

- Copyrights issues. Standard, creative commons etc.

- Advantages/disadvantages of a direct feedback system of criticism?

- Artist communities/writers workshops online.

Unlocked: Secrets of LiveJournal Revealed Sat 10:00 PM

So many of your friends are pushing you to sign up for LiveJournal. What's the benefit of signing up, and what makes it so alluring? What can you use it for besides personal journaling? What are the etiquettes for friending people? And what are all those LJ tags, anyway?

Mainly a LiveJournal for beginners panel. This could veer from a quick discussion of different styles of blogging to the journal permissions style created by LiveJournal, from its Borg-like nature to styles systems and page design, or from an overview of general interpersonal-drama issues that pop up when people communicate via text only to a specific discussion of how to use the 'Mass action' option.

Psychoanalysis of the Superhero Sun 12:00 PM

What's under the surface of our favorite comic (now movie) characters? Clark Kent's secret identity, Peter Parker's private life, The Incredibles' family life, Alfred as Batman's enabler: is this a form of commentary on everyday life, a form of reverse escapism, an exploration of the darker sides of our own personalities?

Raise questions about the psychology of superheroes. Discussion points could include the following: What are effects - both useful and harmful - of dual identities? Why can't mutant kids "come out" to their families? Do postmodern superheroes illuminate the reality of modern life?

Please be familiar with a wide variety of superheroes.
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