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My birthmom's jambalaya recipe! It wasn't very spicy; I'll probably experiment with spicing it up. But this is what she sent.

2 pounds shrimp or chicken
1 pound smoked sausage
2 cups Uncle Ben's converted rice
½ cup bell pepper- I use the frozen seasoning mix
½ cup onion- I use the frozen seasoning mix, which includes onion, bell pepper and celery
1 can french onion soup
1 can beef bouillon- or use one bouillon cube dissolved in 2 cups of hot water.
1 large can tomato sauce
1 large can rotel tomatoes
1 stick of butter

Mix all in large baking pan. Sprinkle with garlic and Tony’s
Bake uncovered 1 hour at 375-degree oven
Stir after ½ hour.

I think the "Tony's" is probably the seasoning mix...? I'll ask her. But. There you go.
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