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Tew's Day

Happy birthday to quillismightier and filmzombie74!

The usual. And I still don't have my biopsy results. EDIT: *Really* bad tremors day. Like whoa.

Hanukkah Hunks
The first Hunk of Hanukkah is up at hanukkah_hunks! You're welcome. :) Second one will go up when I get home today.

Kingdom of Loathing
Adam finally got me on Kingdom of Loathing. How? By logging off to go take a shower and saying "Okay, you can play now." I think I'd leveled up by the time he got back. I'm Shadesong there, too. La!

I am cool with this because my only objection was that I needed to not have another Timesuck. KoL = very limited number of turns per day. So. Okay.

Not Goin' Back
Too much to catch up on. Not going to read the weekend's worth of posts. You tell me what happened, 'k?

My favorite gift - video iPod. *dances*

Right, then. Work now.
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