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Christmas dinner: lasagna, pastitsio (Greek noodle dish), jambalaya, broccoli casserole, and a nice salad. And ham.

We're weird. But we like us.

The Kids are outside playing Nerf football. The Kids range in age from 16 months to 17 years, and are all boys save for Elayna. She is surrounded. It works, though - she likes running around like a wild thing. :)

Another thing to like about this house - how one is greeted as one walks through the door. Depending on the time of day and meal: "Would you like some coffee?" or "Would you like some wine?"

I am having both.

I'll post the jambalaya recipe, probably Tuesday. I can get the pastitsio recipe, too, probably, if anyone wants it. And I will post the recipe for the garlicky olive spread we had before the chili last night as well.

Duplicate Elayna-gift count: Fruits Basket, Teen Titans GBA game, Sunlight and Shadow, and Apples to Apples.

Favorite Elayna-gifts so far: Nickelodeon Splat, Scrabble (Adam won), Nerf dart tag (I won), 20Q, and Fruits Basket.

There are far too many gifts to list all of them.

And now I wander off!

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