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My birthmom is stuck on what to get me. She has begged for Adam's assistance.

Adam is no help.

Their helplessness is cute, yet frustrating.

Me: "Call Kat."
Adam: "Call Kat?"
Me: "She gives me awesome gifts. And she has, like, researched me. Ask her."

Kat is called; a voicemail is left. Kat calls back.

Adam: "Here, talk to 'song's birthmom."
Kat: "OMGwhat?!?"
Judy, taking phone: "So, I hear you're my internet granddaughter."
Kat: "Hi, Grandma."

So I think my birthmom has ideas now. And I am very amused.

I am also tired; the mall took a lot out of me! But Elayna has that chess/checkers/backgammon set now, and stocking stuffers. The stocking stuffers include both Bonne Bell LipSmackers lipgloss... and a Nerf football. I have a well-balanced child.
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