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A random person just bustled into the house with her arms full of groceries. She set them down and said "Hi, I'm Betty, MaryAnn's housekeeper," sticking her hand out towards Adam, who introduced himself and shook her hand.

She turned to me, and I said "Hi, I'm ['song], Judy's daughter." And she grinned as she shook my hand and said "Well, I'd know you anywhere."

And it occurs to me - this is where a particular scene in Shayara comes from. Julia, after a lifetime of never knowing anyone who looks like her, never seeing anyone who looks or feels like family, meeting Capri, who does, and being shocked down to her bones...

It's from, after 24 years in a family of dark-haired, dark-eyed, dark-tanned people, meeting Judy.

Finding the seeds of things...

Anyway! Having a wonderful time. Had much coffee. Now - shopping!
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