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Thor's Day

Happy early birthday to nichy, lightgathere, daoistraver, and vodou_chile!

Hello to new reader royannadawn!

Just the usual so far.

When telling Elayna about the wishlist silliness, we prefaced it by asking her if she knew how to shop from a wishlist. She said yes, and told us how, and listed a step that I in fact perform ("I learned it by watching you, Mom!"), but forgot to list here: 1a. Sort wishlist by priority.

I was wrong. Elayna hadn't packed seven books. She packed ten. Three were in the front pocket of the backpack. Oy.

One-hour plane trip.

Frequent Tags
The cool thing about the Frequent Tags module on the new portal page is that it shows me what characters I write about most. Capri, Julia, Alanna, Fenris, and Kieran, in that order. Wish I could see the rest of my tags in order, and not just the top ten. (The others, of course, are Shayara, writerbrain, Blog-a-Thon, Walking on Water, and Elayna.)

Speaking of writing, I've printed out nanosong and the Victor thing so I can work on them while I'm away. Damn, I need a laptop.

Today's my Friday, so have some Friday Memeage...
Jeans and violet turtleneck sweater, but I'm going to change into my Hello Kitty hoodie later. "413: Object requested is too large" panties, Grape Ape socks.

I'm back to The Tipping Point, after diverting to the new books docorion gave me - recently read The Radioactive Redhead, by John Zakour and Lawrence Ganem (sci-fi comedy noir!) and Everyone in Silico by Jim Munroe.

Elayna is Reading
She's about to start The Westing Game. Finally.

DeLand! Yay! *boogies down* My birthmom and aunt and uncle and extended family, and good food and wine, and talking and just - people I can be me with. I've actually thought of moving there, but Adam can't be away from a Real City, and I don't have any friends in the area; morenasangre and farren are the closest, and they're two hours away. So yes, yes, I wouldn't be blissfully happy there long-term due to friend-isolation, but... I really adore that branch of my family, and look forward to this all year.

And yes, the gifts take up one whole suitcase.
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