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Her mother's daughter

We've been packing tonight for our trip. I checked Elayna's backpack, which she packed herself...

Seven books. Some hardcover, some quite large.

I looked at her. "You can't bring all seven books."

"But I need them!"

"You can bring them in your suitcase."

"But what if I get bored on the plane?"

"It's a one-hour flight. You don't need seven books. Three of these are going in the suitcase."

"But -"

"Child, you cannot carry this backpack with seven books in it. And I'm not carrying it for you."

*child attempts to hoist backpack and utterly fails her Strength roll*
*child gives aggrieved sigh and removes three books*
*child gives mild glare*

So her mother's daughter.

That, and she complained about another book earlier this evening. Her exact complaint was about the "lack of editing".
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