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Tew's Day

Happy birthday to talix18 and wolfieboy!

Hello to new reader random314!


I need to remember to call for my biopsy results today...

Elayna seems to be feeling 100% better. Yay Elayna!

Hanukkah Hunks
If you've yet to send me pics... dude, get on it!

I'm going slightly mad...
Holiday shopping like crazy. I haven't had my brain together enough to get stuff done. *sigh* And much as I love my birthmom, she's no help when it comes to shopping for my cousins: "I don't know what they're into. I'm just going to give them money."

And it looks like getting from the airport to my aunt and uncle's house is going to be Complicated and Interesting. *buries head in hands*

I'm not a $WINTERHOLIDAY worrier. I'll be fine once I'm there. I'm just freaking out a bit because my brain processes multiple stimuli worse and worse these days (thanks, side effects!), and I've been in hypercompressed multiple-stimuli mode for Too Long, and am going into a bit of the worst of it. I hate travel. And I'm taking four trips within the next month.

My first gifts of the season, from docorion: a whole bunch of books, some of which I really have to save for the plane, and a beautiful cowlneck sweater (this, in the teal.). *beam* Shadesongs need sweaters if they are to live in Boston, yes. Also: clothes that fit.

And there's a package at the P.O. Box place that I need to pick up today. Hm! (I saw the claim slip on Saturday night, when the place was unstaffed. Aw.)

Um. That is all for now, I b'lieve.
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