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W Hotels? Highly recommended. So nifty.

docorion's description: "Tres moderne!"
My description: "Shiny!"

Dude, they had fun when they were designing this place. It is all bold in color and line. And the soaps are nubbly. And the comforter is plushtastic. And the headboard is squishy! And they give you condoms and lube! And we have a full kitchen behind a raw-nubbly curtain! And.... I have to take pictures. We'll explore the rest of the hotel tonight; pretty much all we had time for this afternoon was for him to throw me 'pon the bed and have his way with me. (Yes, there was the spanking, then the oral sex!)

This is a fun hotel!


And yes, docorion is here safely and, um, actively, and yay. :)

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