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Thor's Day

The usual. Would you believe I went to bed at 8:30 last night?

Medical adhesive allergy still in effect. Meaning I have the rough painful itchy welts from having worn electrodes for no longer than an hour, two days ago. *claws at upper chest and neck like a dog with a too-tight collar*

Sekrit Message
Humans. Argh!

Should we talk about the weather?
There are few things more annoying than 35-degree rain in a city where one gets a snow day for the tiniest flurry. *wishes hard for a drop in temperature*

Without going into too much detail: the registrar's office did something stupid and annoying. A professor that I'm not normally a big fan of ripped them a new one. Result? They have rescinded the stupid and annoying thing. I almost want to hug him. Not really. But I'm grateful. Today will be a good day. :)

I was not in the last war at scrollwheel. I am in this one. They're anonymous now, which is keen. :)

People who were rejected: it's only because they want to grow slowly. They'll start taking new people again now. Reapply.
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