Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

My Endoscopy, by Shadesong, age 31.8.

That's what it said on the admitting paperwork for age. 31.8. They're very precise.

Procedure went just fine - efficient and nice nurses. I do not like sitting around waiting for strange new procedures. Makes me tetchy. I didn't have to. So. Is good. I had Versed and.... something else that begins with an F. I probably only remembered the Versed because you guys were talking about it yesterday. :) They shot me up with it, and I lasted just long enough for a "Feeling sleepy?" and a "This is the ring we're going to-"

And then I was in the recovery room with Adam.

I'm 87 pounds. You never have to worry about anesthesia not working on me.

They explained the procedure to Adam, told him that they'd taken biopsies from two areas and gave him a number for me to call in a week for results, told him what I should and shouldn't eat and drink, and had him pull the car around, and one of the nurses sort of half-carried me to the car, and -

We got to Elayna's concert in time. Just a minute before they came in. She filed past us, and her face just lit up: "You're here!" I'd prepared her for the possibility that I might not make it in time. But. So glad I did. :)

Then home, where I finally got to read the discharge papers.

Me: "Um, Adam? There are findings here!"
Adam, reading over my shoulder: "They didn't tell me any of that..."

So I called docorion for a doctor-to-human translation.

Me: "The findings for your procedure include:
* The esophagus appeared normal.
* There was evidence of erosive gastritis of the stomach.
* There was evidence of duodenitis of the duodenal bulb and the 2nd portion of the duodenum. The mucosa appeared erythematous and edematous."
docorion: "Dearheart - you have an ulcer. Or a pre-ulcerous condition."
Me, stunned: "They... found something."
docorion, clearly smiling: "They found something."

They found something.

Something that explains it: if I'm remembering what docorion said correctly (I was verra tired), the duodenum actually shuts down when it's irritated, leaving my stomach to grow overfull quickly, leading to those not-infrequent instances when I just cannot manage to eat enough food.

Something that's easily treatable. No avoiding lasagna, no surgery, just a pill to dial down the stomach acid.

This is not an absolute diagnosis yet. They're looking at the biopsies and stuff, and docorion wasn't there. But he says that's what it sure as hell sounds like.

I have two pictures, too. Of my stomach and duodenum, I'm guessing. There's a hole in the bucket, dear Liza, and I'm guessing it's not where one should be, else they'd not've photographed it...

One of my biggest fears about this whole medical merry-go-round is that it'll never stop. The X-ray and ultrasound and CT all clean.... the idea of just doing procedure after procedure forever = horrifying.

They found something. I swear to you I almost cried when docorion said that.

Aaaand then I slept all day. I'm feeling bad about that, like I should have Done Stuff and should Do Stuff now to make up for it, but the discharge instructions say to rest, so I should. I should go have dinner so I can eat the pumpkin chocolate-chip cookie Adam got me.

*hugs self*
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