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That Lyrics Meme

Because I have music so entirely on the brain lately... hey, here's that thing where I post a line from 20 randomly-chosen-by-my-cracked-out-iTunes songs, and you guess what song it's from!

1. "Well, he's never seen such a sight before - a string around her finger was all she wore..." ("Yarmouth Town" by Great Big Sea - mick_hale)
2. "And he really makes a mighty fine jelly bean and pickle sandwich, for what it's worth." ("The Weird Al Show Theme" - niftybabe313)
3. "And we can act like we come from out of this world, leave the real one far behind." ("Safety Dance" by Men Without Hats - marajs)
4. "A golden bird that flies away, a candle’s fickle flame." ("Never There" by Cake - marajs)
5. "We would have a fine time living in the night; left to blind destruction, waiting for our sight..." ("Transmission" by Joy Division - infragilis)
6. "She turned her back on the sleeping town as night turned into day/Flash flood hit the road, swept her past away..." ("Cry, Cry" by Oysterband - spikesandstuds)
7. "While choppin` wood I moved my legs, and started dancin' while I gathered eggs." ("Born To Hand Jive" by Sha Na Na - brendastarr)
8. "I'm waiting for that final moment you'll say the words that I can't say." ("Bizarre Love Triangle" by New Order - slipjig)
9. "You think that life is really tough when your pappy won't buy you a brand new car" ("I'm Not A Loser", The Descendents - kradical, kinda.)
10. "A candle burns here in your honor - my soul, a shrine I've built for you" ("So Wrong" by Stabbing Westward - ambelies26)

Mmm. Ten, because I go see Narnia now. Comments are screened. First person to name the song gets the credit.

Edited to give first people credit; bolded songs that still need guessing!
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