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Dinner at FloatAway Cafe. We had to wait a little for our table - so the hostess brought us complimentary champagne. We didn't even have to wait that long, really! Just, I'm a semi-regular and we were nice about waiting.

Cheese course. Um, I forget which cheeses we tried. But there was one each of cow, sheep, and goat, and all were terribly yummy. :)

I had the mushroom ravioli in sherry cream sauce. I always feel silly at first getting normal-seeming things there, as you'd think you can get ravioli anywhere, and I feel that I should go for something more outre. But the fact of the matter is that FloatAway does food better than anywhere else. Really. So I got the ravioli, and wow. Adam got the gnocchi with braised rabbit; also wow. They saute the gnocchi; it has a little crunch to it...

I have been having trouble eating lately, but I finished my ravioli. "I am a member of the Clean-Plate Club!" I told Adam. "This means I get dessert."

Dessert. For both of us, incredibly yummy, very strong coffee. For Adam, gingerbread cake with lemon chantilly cream. For me, the warm chocolate tart with coconut sorbet. Flaky on the outside, hot and melty on the inside. Chocolate orgasm.

And I had an excellent pinot noir. *nod*

And all through the meal... I got to be alone with my husband. Which never happens. And we beamed at each other and shared our food and laughed and were silly. And sometimes he just looked at me, smiling, and when I asked why, he said it was because he just liked looking at me.

And that was my (belated) first-anniversary dinner with my husband, and it was very of the good. I got to marry Adam. I am so lucky.
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