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iPod Skirmish

About yesterday's iPod poll? As of right now - and I know I said I'd post this soon as I woke up, but I went straight to the math competition 'pon waking, so you get "soon as I get to the computer" instead - the poll is closed. List A is a clear winner, with 67 votes to List B's 47.

So. Most of the voters agree with me - my playlist was better. :P Yes, mine's A and his is B; auryn29a and sainthuck guessed correctly! It's difficult to tell our iTunes apart at times, as we've got a lot in common. The dead giveaways here, if you know us, are:

1. Fiona Apple. I would not be caught dead with whiny-chick crap on my iTunes. Especially not covering Frosty the freakin' Snowman. Yes, I know some of you actually like that. *shudder* I love you anyway. As I say to Adam so frequently, usually regarding his puns: "In spite of." Ditto anything involving The Beatles. I can use pretty much the same argument against The Beatles as I do against Tolkein.

2. Ministry. Adam? Not so much with the industrial music.

Other than that? Hell, we even duplicated a band (Oysterband).

But! Anyway. In anonymous competition, mine won. Hee! I am going to make him make me a victory cocoa.

In math-competition news: Elayna didn't place. But there were 280+ kids there, so we don't feel so bad about it. She feels she did her best, and that's what we're after, and she had a good time - yes, my child thinks taking four consecutive math tests at 9 AM on a Saturday is a good time, wtf, dude? - and made a new friend, and was philosophical about not getting a trophy, and she's going to a Girl Scout sleepover tonight and The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe tomorrow, so life, for her, is good. *nod*
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