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I am way behind on e-mail. I'm able to keep up a little better here because here I can fire off quick one-liners. But I am way behind on e-mail. If I have not answered your e-mail, it is not personal. It is simply because, for the last week or so, I have spent more time asleep than I have awake, and when I've been awake, I have been cramming eight hours' worth of Stuff That Needs To Be Done (Elayna time, writing, house stuff, grocery shopping) into my two or three available hours. (Yes, this is also why it's nigh-impossible to have a phone conversation with me. Small talk eats up half an hour of those available three hours. I can't afford it.) Particularly with this being the end of the semester and work dumping stuff on me. I've gone from making it til 3 PM before I'm so exhausted I'm stumbling into things to making it to 10:30, 11:00 AM, tops. Brain no worky for rational thought.

So. Do not assume that it is personal. Some of my best friends are in the same boat you're in.
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