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Happy early birthday to eyewrist, who advances a year over the weekend!

Exhaustion + nausea + a little bit of wordfuckery. Tremors.

Major heart palpitations last night. The Toprol is helping a bit, in that I'm not having them every day anymore - but it's not doing the trick, not entirely. At this point, though, I'm just going to wait til my next cardiologist appointment to bring it up, as that's less than a month away and he's hard to get a hold of.

Handwriting Analysis Thingie
From here: You fill every waking moment with activity. You are a social person who likes to talk and meet others. You are affectionate, passionate, expressive, and future-oriented. You are a talkative person, maybe even a busybody! You enjoy life in your own way and do not depend on the opinions of others.

Yep, 'bout right.

Note to Self
Post to write: The choice between doing the easy thing and doing the right thing, as viewed through the lens of Shayara. Examples from the Kirayth and Julia. What does it take to run toward the battle? Related: Being a good person (ruler) is more than just not being an evil one.

Friday Memeage!
Burgundy twinset, jeans. "Kosher" panties. "Hot & Spicy" socks from velvetsteel. :)

Microcosmic Tales, edited by Asimov and Greenberg - 100 short-short stories. Also Low Port, edited by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller.

Victor stuff, apparently, but I need to get back to nanosong.

Elayna's spelling bee is today! Please wish her calmness. She'll do fine if she can relax. Anyway. I'll be watching that, at her request.

Tomorrow she has the math competition... at 9 AM! Thankfully, it's actually within walking distance of our house. And tomorrow evening, she has a Girl Scout sleepover. Which means Adam and I finally get to go out for our belated anniversary dinner.... and maybe a movie, too. :)

Sunday, I sleep, probably.

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