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Thor's Day

Hello to new reader kunphormyst!

Exhaustion + nausea + a bit of brainfuckery and wordfuckery. Shortness of breath.

From a comment to crisavec: "The reason Victor's in my head: I've known for a while that he and Kieran and Capri are going to play together at least once. I started writing that, and... he went off-script, didn't react to something Kieran said as I thought he would. Keep in mind that Kieran is his Kithrayn, the leader of his House. So that added a twist my brain had to follow."

The easiest way for a character to get my attention is to go off-script. Nisar, delay the fight with Tal. Capri, start crying when Kieran sneaks you out to the club. Victor... rear back, eyes wary, when Kieran gives you a playful instruction. A message from the character, loud and clear: "There's something here. Find it."

I know the outline of what's there for Victor; some of it makes for pleasant fluff, which I need between bouts with Jeramie and Alanna in nanosong. Victor is rakish and merry-eyed and has the energy of a room full of preschoolers. He's fun.

Yeah. I write a lot.

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