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Just a little musing from the other night....

It's hard to call someone an asshole at the dawn of time.

I'm referring to the Tal/Nisar conflict in nanosong. What I had was a moment where, if the action was happening today, Tal would clearly call Nisar a bastard. That's what scans. Well, "you bastards", more particularly, as he's referring to a few other people as well.

But, well, at the dawn of time, you can't call someone a bastard.

Because it's not an insult yet.

And to this particular set of characters, having been formed by Tiala and the gods themselves rather than having been born, it would mean nothing at all. I can imagine Nisar now: "Um, I don't even have parents."

And he can't call them sons of bitches, either. Because, well, a bitch is just a dog. "Bitch" as an insult? Not yet in the common vernacular.

And I, the writer... I am sitting here, fingers hovering over the keyboard, mood broken, like, "Well, damn."

He settles for calling them filth. But really, I can't wait to bring them ahead a thousand years or so to where all the good curse words are.
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