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I have permission to post this but not to identify the friend, alas.

Question from Friend A, answered in a sexfilter ask/tell me anything: "Is clit stimulation good or bad when you're being fucked?"

My answer: "I'm generally moving around too much for you to do anything as site-specific as clit stimulation."

Resulted in the following e-mail exchange with Friend B:

Friend B: "You did NOT just refer to being able to stimulate your clit during sex as something you moved too much for for "SITE-SPECIFIC" events. You did NOT."

Me: "Um. Yes, I did. Why? Hi!"

Friend B: "Site-specific. Christ. 'Please click on Help or access our website for task-related questions regarding sex with your new Shadesong.'"'s a small target, is all I'm sayin'. :)
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