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The curse of #11

So mgrasso has these iPod Wars, right? And what you do is you submit a 10-song playlist to battle someone else's playlist. First 10 songs that come up on iTunes. No skipping songs allowed unless you get a repeat artist.

My #11 is always at least five times cooler than songs 1 through 10 put together. Dammit.

Today's #11? Elayna's-and-my rendition of The Llama Song.


I have a pretty good playlist this time; I won't post it til mgrasso does. I will say that one of the songs will either gain me votes from 80s-music dorks or get things thrown at me. Really heavy things.

Really, really heavy things.

(Voting is mgrasso-friends-only these days. Good news is I'm already in Round Two. Bad news is that I hafta go up against pharminatrix this round!)

...and now I have "Mahna Mahna". Dude, I needed this and the Llama Song like five minutes ago, okay?
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